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WordPress Money 24/Sep/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: myBad Studios 1.1.3 Product ID: 73935 15 1 98 98 5 1

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WordPress Money(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_1636 , Last change: 24-09-2018
Published: 15 Aug 2018, Publisher: myBad Studios
Price: $14.95 USD - Size: 1.39 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.3.0f3 | Asset Published Date: 15 Aug 2018 | Price: $14.95.
Publisher: myBad Studios.

► Includes a framework to allow this and future assets to sell in-game content on your website using WooCommerce

► Supports Virtual Currency sales via your website

This package consists of 2 distinct elements:

Unlimited virtual currencies

Monetisation via Tapjoy

Please note:
This kit requires both the WordPress Login (or WordPress Login for MBSCore) and the Tapjoy assets; ideally both installed prior to this package

Virtual Currencies

WordPress Money allows you to use as many virtual currencies as you like, per game.
There is 0 configuration required at all.
When you call the functions to get or spend currency, simply enter the name of the currency and that is all it takes.
WUMoney will create it if it doesn't exist so all you need to concern yourself with is how you want to use it

As with all the WUSS kits in the series, your data is stored in the cloud so your currencies follow you from device to device.

WordPress Login scans to see if this kit is installed in your project and if it is the prefab will ask you for the names of the virtual currencies you use.
If you complete this entry then all your balances will be fetched automatically during login.
Alternatively you can fetch each whenever you like

Tapjoy monetisation

Tapjoy offers a vast array of monetisation options from watching videos, installing applications or even registering on a website or making a purchase on the website.
WordPress Money installs a Self Managed Currency Server on your website

By default Tapjoy offers you a great many benefits but all of that is linked to a specific device, not to a specific person.
This means that by default, everyone who uses the device is using the same points and thus making any attempt at a user account system pointless.
It also means that you can't play one game on multiple devices but must rather start a new game on each device.
As you can imagine, this means having different levels, different inventory, different coin balances...
different everything on each device

If you have the skill to create a Self Managed Currency Server then you can have Tapjoy's servers speak to your servers and you can do whatever you like.
If you do not have the skills then they have a couple of partners they recommend to you but those partners offer you a whole wealth of features and thus charge you a monthly fee to use their services.
Extreme overkill if all you want is to manage your own currency

WordPress Money includes a fully functional Self Managed Currency Server that was made to be installed once and then used for every game you ever make, rather than having to create a custom one per game.

The most important feature this server offers you is the ability to link your Tapjoy points to YOU, not to your device.
This means that multiple people can now log in and play the same game on one device but each player will use their own points.

The second most important feature of this server is that, since it stores your information in the cloud, it allows you to start playing on one device and continue on another, even cross platform.
It even allows you to spend your points on platforms that Tapjoy doesn't even support.

Although you can only earn Tapjoy points on iOS and Android devices you are still able to spend the points on Windows phones, desktop platforms, consoles, Smart TVs...
any platform that Unity supports.
Play a new game on your iPhone, continue playing on your Android then turn on your Smart TV and spend the points you earned on there if you like.

WUSS Official Currency
WordPress Money is the official currency system for the WUSS series of products I have been creating.
This means that future kits that make use of currency will all be built around WordPress money.

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