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WordPress Login 23/Jul/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: myBad Studios Product ID: 73547 35 1 28 28 5 1

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WordPress Login(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_1221 , Last change: 23-07-2018
Published: 09 Jun 2018, Publisher: myBad Studios
Price: $34.95 USD - Size: 2.19 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.3.0f3 | Asset Published Date: 09 Jun 2018 | Price: $34.95.
Publisher: myBad Studios.
DescriptionRequires Scripting Runtime Version 4.6

See how to add WordPress login functionality to a project in under 30 seconds


NEW Features:


► Fetch a list of your created games from your website

► Select your game from the drop down list rather than entering the ID manually

► Now supports localization with up to 25 languages per game

► Native support for WordPress Serials




► Use your existing WordPress website to sign in existing users or create new accounts!!!

► Accounts made in your game can be used on your website and vice versa.

► Reset forgotten passwords

► Change password when logged in

► Update the personal info like:

* real name, surname, display_name

* email, website and various IM...

► Remember Me support and auto login

► Optional security string to authenticate the origin of all server contact

► Suspend / ban users from games

► Remove banned / suspended status

► Can be used with ANY GUI system or completely without a GUI

►Works on all platforms that has internet access

►Works with Unity Personal

► Includes a working, full featured sample GUI prefab for drag and drop use!

►Full C# source code included

On the server


► Includes a dashboard control panel that houses all other kit's settings as they are installed

► Includes various WordPress ShortCodes and widgets to display game information on your website: Game name, description, poster, the logged in player's account status (banned or otherwise) and more

► Includes a shortcode to show WebGL games in WordPress (auto load or use a placeholder graphic to click on first)

► Supports multisites

► Take your entire game description (including WebGL game) into WooCommerce with a single ShortCode

► Can auto-create a product listing page with horizontal or vertical button layout via a single shortcode and be redirected to a templated page that shows the info for that game

Making it work


Best of all is how simple it is to use! Simply install the plugin on your website once and you are set for all your future games.
Inside of Unity:

give the prefab your website url

select your game from the drop down list

drag the prefab into a scene

Now hit play!

The kit contains a whole host of callbacks you can hook into to run custom code at every stage of every process meaning you never have to modify one single line of code in this kit to make it meet your game's custom requirements.

The WordPress Login kit is the entry point for a whole host of additional plugins and features.
To see what plugins are already available and what is still planned for later, click here...

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