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Status Indicators 20/Jun/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Werewolf 1.4 Product ID: 76638 39 2 49 49 5 1

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Status Indicators(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_1019 , Last change: 20-06-2018
Published: 03 Jun 2018, Publisher: Werewolf
Price: $39.00 USD - Size: 9.33 MB

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Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.3.6f1 | Asset Published Date: 03 Jun 2018 | Price: $39.00.
Publisher: Werewolf.
DescriptionUpdate 03 June 2018:

Implemented requested feature.
Projector Ignore Layers and Mouse Raycast Layer only need to be set from the Splat Manager, settings are propagated to all child Splats.

This is a standalone upgrade to Spell Indicators.
It contains over 30 graphics, adjustable cone angle, stretchable missile indicator, health/progress/charge-up indicators, as well as other indicator types.

Status Indicators was developed to provide more aesthetically pleasing visual communication to the player about a characters status.

Rather than having obstructive popups, show the progress of your skills, spells, and resource states in a way that flows visually with your game.

There are 11 different shaders that you can apply with very dynamic capabilities.

Such as giving your indicators unique designs and beautiful effects, or customizing the shape at runtime, or having progress bars fill up as you use them.

As these are projector shaders, they will not be obstructed by objects or float in mid-air, and you can specify which layers to project over or under.

There are over 30 textures to customize your splats, as well as 25 premade variations if you want to get started quickly.

The code is well structured, adhering to proper object-oriented programming principles, so that you can modify the scripts with less hassle.

There is not another package out there that will allow you to do this level of customisation on projectors that you can do with Status Indicators.
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