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Inspector Gadgets Pro 09/Oct/2019 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Kybernetik 6.0 Product ID: 76689 10 3 54 54 5 1

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Inspector Gadgets Pro(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_3995 , Last change: 09-10-2019
Published: 08 Jul 2019, Publisher: Kybernetik
Price: $10.00 USD - Size: 137.71 KB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2018.1.0f2 | Asset Published Date: 08 Jul 2019 | Price: $10.00.
Publisher: Kybernetik.
Description Pro




Streamline your development workflow with these Unity Editor enhancements.


Enhanced Transform Inspector ->
The Inspector for the Transform component has been improved with the ability to Copy, Paste, and Snap individual properties, toggle between Local or World space, adjust the scale on all axes at once, and more.

Draw All Gizmos Pro-Only ->
Show scene gizmos for every selected object individually instead of using a single gizmo to move them all at once.

Movement Guides Pro-Only ->
While you are moving an object in the scene, Inspector Gadgets will indicate the position you are moving the object from and the distance you have moved it.

Auto Hide UI ->
Instead of having UI objects block a massive part of your Scene view, Inspector Gadgets can hide them when you aren't working with them and automatically focus the camera on them when you are.

Context Menu Functions ->
Dozens of useful functions are added to the context menu (right click menu) of each field in the Inspector based on its type.
One of these functions allows you to indicate that certain values should persist when you leave Play Mode instead of reverting to their original values.

Object Reference Fields Pro-Only ->
References to UnityEngine.Objects (such as any reference to a GameObject, Component, or any asset) automatically draw buttons to find a reference if they don't have one and can draw the Inspector of the referenced object right beneath the field.

Decorator Attributes Pro-Only ->
Various attributes allow you to customise the way serialized fields are drawn in the Inspector and even add things like buttons.

Find Missing Scripts ->
If you have any missing scripts, Inspector Gadgets makes it easy to find and fix them.

Source Code ->
The full source code of Inspector Gadgets is included as plain C# files with detailed comments so you can see all its internal workings, track down bugs, make any modifications you see fit, and avoid becoming dependant on the developer to fix issues (but feel free to email or post in the Forum Thread if you need support).
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