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Ultimate Game Music Collection 06/Sep/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: John Leonard French 1.8 Product ID: 69950 45 4 31 31 5 1

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Ultimate Game Music Collection(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_519 , Last change: 06-09-2018
Published: 14 Mar 2018, Publisher: John Leonard French
Price: $45.00 USD - Size: 3.54 GB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.1.1f1 | Asset Published Date: 14 Mar 2018 | Price: $45.00.
Publisher: John Leonard French.
DescriptionThe Original Big-Value Music Collection - Over 200 Unique Tracks & Musical Cues

Always have high quality music available for your projects with the Ultimate Game Music Collection.

(Browse All Tracks on Soundcloud)

- Full Track List (PDF).

- Search & Filter Tracks.

- Find Out More.
- Music For Any Game -

The Ultimate Game Music Collection is the definitive video game stock music pack.
Containing 207 tracks and cues, including full content from 10 popular packs and more, it offers a huge library of versatile music, for a variety of genres, from action to fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, everything! All at an incredibly low price.

The collection is huge, and still growing - with regular free updates!

The Collection Includes:

- NEW! Full Content from Complete Horror - Listen

- Combat Music - Listen

- Casual Game Music - Listen

- Space Music - Listen

- Ambient Music - Listen

- Dungeon Music - Listen

- Fantasy Orchestral Music - Listen

- Themed Location Music - Listen

- Short Cues - Listen

- Sneaking & Espionage Music - Listen

- Title & Trailer Music - Listen

- Seasonal Music - Listen

- Win / Lose Cues, Horror Scares

- 3 Star Cues

- Quest FX, Waypoint Cues

- and more...

Includes Full Content From 10 Popular Music Libraries

The Collection includes some of the Asset Store's highest rated music packs: The Following Packs Are Included In Full

Complete Horror
51 Ambient tracks, cues and scares.

Combat Collection PRO
21 combat tracks, loops and stings.

Fantasy Music Collection PRO ★★★★★
20 Medieval and fantasy orchestral music tracks.

Casual Music Pack Vol.

9 casual, cartoon styled tracks for mobile games.

Casual Music Pack Vol.

11 more casual tracks for simulators, puzzles and platformers.

Halloween Music Pack ★★★★

4 quality, spooky tracks.

Christmas Music Pack ★★★★★

3 festive, seasonal tracks with multiple edits.

Dungeon LOOPS

5 dark and dangerous horror tracks.

Enemy Music ★★★★★

10 Unique music tracks for fighting and attack.

Space Loops ★★★★★

7 electronic and ambient loops and tracks.

You'll also get...

- Early access to tracks from The Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3

- Plus, 25 tracks only available in the Ultimate Collection!

Upgrading From Another Pack

If you own a pack that's included in the Ultimate Collection then you can upgrade for a lower cost - difference between your pack's current purchase price and the price of the Ultimate Collection.
This discount is automatic, logged in users eligible for an upgrade will see a lower price.

Useful Again & Again

Use the music over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties.
Use the music in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
With the Ultimate Game Music Collection You'll always have music to hand.

Industry Quality Music at a Low Price

Using industry quality instruments and production techniques, the standard of music in this pack is everything you would hope for.
High quality compositions, professionally mixed and mastered, create a fantastic soundtrack to your project.
Anon_839 say: It`s not working. There`s even no readme file of FSC in that rar, while every other package has that
Anon_1593 say: No luck for me (Colossal game music 4.9GB don't cause this issue) , Still fine i still have v1.5.
Anon_859 say: the package is big, and is working. You need to use winrar for example to extract it or a version of unzip that supports size > 2GB
Anon_3615 say: Unity show "Failed to import package with error: Couldn't decompress package".
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A Grab Bag of Audio Adventure by Anon_348Vote
This is a huge collection of music that spans a variety of genres. The author is a right gem, constantly adding new tracks to the collection making it amazing value, and well worth supporting the gentleman.

My personal favourite is the arid wasteland theme - a very low-key, desolate sounding orchestral piece but there are ambient soundscapes for Norse tundras, meadows, medieval cities and villages as well as short cues for quest progress, victories and crushing defeats. If you want something stronger you can move to the Combat tracks, which include loops and individual components from the track, allowing you to customise which instruments play. Dungeon music is provided, though that tends to be fairly non-descriptive and does not distract the player from exploring your sepulchres. Locations are also suitable for a medieval adventure, though there are now some Western tracks if you fancy high noon, while theres some Stealth music that could be used in a modern day stealth or in a medieval RPG.

Platform and Puzzles are much more perky tracks, and suggest use in a more colourful and cartoonish game. Theres also some Christmas and Halloween tracks if you want to make a seasonal version of your game (hey, it worked for Lemmings!).

The Horror musics are a work of genius, the kind of cues that permeate horror movies. You can easily use these with events to make your player jump out of his seat when something horrific happens.

The Space music is perhaps a little weak, more quirky than hard sci-fi, while the title music selection ranges from banjos to epic fantasy music.

So, in short a mixed bag of excellent music. Well worth the download even for a listen, even if you dont use those tracks.
Incredible value, especially right now by Anon_914Vote
A large collection of orchestral music for your games. Has a decent selection of just about everything, from high-paced battle music, ambient town and exploration music, fantasy-themed tracks, cinematic epic tracks, space-themed tracks, and even some that would fit right in on retro arcade platformers. Theres very little you can ask for that isnt represented in some form here, in great style. If I had any complaints about the collection at all, its that its actually a little too diverse. 140+ tracks is a lot, and the value per track given the music quality is off the charts, but when you separate them out into only the music categories you actually want to use, you realize that you only get maybe 5-10 selections in each category. Thats not really a problem with this asset, but if you want a music collection that caters more fully to your vision without all of the extraneous bits youll never use, there are other packages out there that may serve your needs better. Absolutely give this is a shot though- if theres even 10 tracks in the whole collection that might be usable for you, its worth the price.

Currently discounted in the Unity Madness Sale for about half off, at US$17 instead of US$34. Frankly, I think its more than worth the full price, not just because it has a huge number of really high-quality music tracks, but because that number has grown substantially over the past year with little-to-no increase in price. This asset really has a lot of value. Keep in mind, if youre not sure whether you should get it or not, just follow the link to the authors SoundCloud page and check it out there. Every track in the package is available to listen to, from beginning to end, and theyve all been updated to reflect the current version of the package on the asset store (which wasnt the case for awhile there).
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