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Rome: Fantasy Pack I 02/Jan/2019 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Quantum Theory 1.17 Product ID: 70618 85 3 77 77 5 1

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This product was an award created by Unity3d_127 and won by UnityAsset_355.Thanks both for your effort in bringing this file here.

Rome: Fantasy Pack I(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_2368 , Last change: 02-01-2019
Published: 20 Dec 2018, Publisher: Quantum Theory
Price: $85.00 USD - Size: 1.11 GB

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Minimum Unity Version Required: 2018.2.17f1 | Asset Published Date: 20 Dec 2018 | Price: $85.00.
Publisher: Quantum Theory.
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Pack 2 Available!

Mobile Version Now Available!

Now Available: Rome: Fantasy Pack II! Interview Interview

"..this pack its the only one that can add the AAA tag in the store."
- Loishtc

no way are the average model/material assets on this store anywhere near this quality."

"Pete produces some of the best content I've seen in the Unity Asset Store.
Not only are the assets technically precise, but they are artfully crafted and provide high-end results for any Unity project."

-Wes McDermott, Allegorithmic Substance Specialist

Rome: Fantasy Pack I is an expansive, truly AAA quality fantasy environment pack series that utilizes current-day game industry 3D art techniques to deliver unparalleled quality for your projects.

Fantasy Pack I is focused on the middle to lower-class lifestyle in the grand city.
Multi-floor dilapidated architecture, archways, brick and stone, iron and mud.

A high performance Mobile Version is also available!


- 10 flexible architectural prefabs to get your started quickly.

- 175 architectural meshes to create your own building from scratch.

- Leverage a huge library of PBR materials made completely in Substance Designer and Substance Painter to give character to your scenes.

- Paintable decals further increase the detail

- Selection of beautifully unwrapped, normal-mapped props with soft edges.

- Area-weighted normals for scene geometry creates a high quality, smoothed look.

- More prefabs, architecture, and materials through free updates with your support!

NOTE: Unity 5 version will no longer receive updates.

Are you making a high fantasy game but not sure if the pack fits the style? There are many high quality fantasy RPG props available that will fit any role playing fantasy game.
Anon_2122 say: please update to version 1.1 if possible..quite a few changes made..tia
Anon_663 say: Thanks a LOT! I really like playing with this one, the level of detail is amazing.
Anon_71 say: Theyre going to launch a second pack with a more traditional rome look. I hope they do a bundle.
Anon_177 say: Thank you for this. An amazing asset. I wish there were more like this for more genres.
Anon_1494 say: The level of detail on this asset is incredible! Money well spent. Enjoy!!
Anon_1648 say: You guys rock!, i cant thank you enough ! high quality asset ! thank you once again
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High quality pack by Anon_55Vote
Rome fantasy pack is simply put amazing, looks AAA through and through. Since the reviews here already tell how good it is Ill try to be more critic of it.

All the materials look simply amazing, the geometry is simple, most objects have LODs and are highly optimized for the quality of the asset, everything looks realistic and coherent, there are quite a large variety of props, near 100 (sacks, pottery, barrels, cloth lines) but lack variety in others (doors, that has only 4, and 2 are really similar).

One of the most interesting parts of the asset is that there are materials with custom vertex shader that you can paint with the tool you like (included with the package comes the vertex painter asset) in the corresponding channel to apply the effect you desire (wetness and visibility), which is something that adds variety and I hope more developers adopt in the future.

The only thing I can critizice is that they could have included the substance materials to add a little bit more customization to the textures (that for main buildings is mostly brick, plaster and another type of plaster). Also while the pieces are highly modular, theres not much difference in architecture between those pieces (of the 10 prefabs 3 are rectangular, 6 are square). But even then, what its here has such quality it didnt stop my jaw from dropping when I saw how beautiful everything looked.

Hopefully theyll have some crossgrades/bundles/discounts with the different versions of the pack, I remember that the poly toolkit they had didn´t and each one had new features that the older ones from the same set didnt have and it was kind of a letdown.
Great Roman AAA asset by Anon_1772Vote
Veritas numquam perit. Wow, this is really an impressive asset. If you are looking for a triple A quality roman asset, you need to look no further. The creater of this asset is insanely talented. The asset package includes 175 meshes to build your own environment including many varieties of walls, doors, arches, gates, terracotta roofing, and more. However 10 architectural prefabs (homes, temples, arcades, hallways) are included if you are just interested in dropping them into your project. The example scene is really good too, and good to go with just a few tweaks for your game. The designer obviously took great care in creating the highly detailed and extremely high quality PBR materials. The designer also took great care with performance in mind. All models include LOD meshes. There is parallax occlusion being applied, from the actual height data of the 3d model, not generated by a fake diffuse map. There is a decal system, letting you add details, and embellishments to your objects.

The creator also created video documentation, showing all that you can do with these assets, almost 45 minutes in total. He is creating a Rome pack 2 (high class pack) which I trust to be just as high quality with even more meshes for an incredibly large number of assets to build your game.

In summary this is truly a terrific asset. I try to be objective and I truly could not find anything negative to say about this. If you are building a game and need Roman style assets, this is the one to get.
Now THIS is AAA asset! by Anon_1867Vote
This package is exactly what you can expect from something like an AAA studio budget, but reasonably affordable in comparison with quality for around 85 US dollars! There are so many good things to talk about this asset, it is hard to find a beginning place!

I think the most obvious pro of this asset package is the pure visual beauty of the art. Really incredible, and very realistic. The art remains true to the theme, and for the most part is even also historically accurate (most assets which claim Medieval Pack blah blah! are actually collections of buildings from several different timelines). You can see the wonderful care which goes into each texture, when you see blends of dirt walls with brick plaster, all in ultra high resolution which look good even in a VR application. One of the largest indicator of superb art is textures which look good without the aid of fancy / hacky lighting set ups or scenes bundled with 1000 post FX. The example scene provided is basic, but what you see in the example video. You can only make the argument that the asset in question is maybe one of the best from art quality in the entire asset store.

On top of art superiority, there are several model prefabs included in this asset which are highly modular. You can see the example scene for good use and combination of these modular prefabs, or you can make yourself entirely. One thing to note is that prefabs used in the example scene are meaning to target first person view like you see in the example video. From top down view, a few easy changes are required (some of the rooftops for example are one sided, and need to be copy and pasted to the opposite side to cover holes). If you plan to create bird eye view game, then you will have a small extra work to do in creating double sided prefabs for some of the building objects. Because of the good design and modularity of the models, this is super simple and fast to execute, and is no problem in any way.

It is rare where every prefab combination, model, and texture set looks superior, but there is not one single art asset in this package which is left behind the others. They are all consistently top quality, which shows the reliability and detailed attention of the author. I love to see high quality works such as this, and I say that if you are making a scene from ancient Rome setting, or even just any older setting, regardless of realistic or fantasy, this asset flies above the rest with ease. Truly an amazing package from the bottom to the top!
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